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The IM Solutions team can provide a wide range of services. We may be small, but we're POWERFUL.


Exposure means BUZZ. Make people want to learn more about you, your company and your services.
Publicity and visibility can help you to build your reputation and earn credibility among potential customers.
Repetition means retention. Tell your side of the story. Why are you better than your competition? Say it clearly. Say it often.


From small “top-of-mind-awareness” ads to full page, full-color concepts - IMS is ready to deliver based on your budget and your specifications. Nothing is too large or too small!


Outdoor signage can really make a statement!
Mobile billboards or stationary billboards? Banners or channel lettering? Bus shelters, perhaps? Lawn signs or inflatables? With so many choices, IMS can help you to determine where your signage will be most effective.


Few other marketing tools can deliver your message with exact precision at such a low cost. Direct mail allows you to pinpoint the people who fit your demographic, which is great for small business owners who may not have a huge budget, or for anyone who wants to reach a targeted market.


Print • Radio • Television
Emerging technologies, the global economy and the Internet are changing what it means to be literate. The digital age is transforming the quantity, range and speed of information and communication in our lives. The mass media affect how we perceive and understand the world and people around us, from what we wear, eat and buy to how we relate to ourselves and others.
In the 21st century, the ability to interpret and create media is a form of literacy as basic as reading and writing. - MediaChannel


Two words: Perceived Value.
From the initial creation and concept design to the finished product, IMS can help you to STAND OUT in the crowd.
By implementing an integrated plan which combines media, your overall message can be much more appealing.


HTML Email Marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools for all types of businesses. It generates a call-to-action that is immediate, so you don't have to wait for people to return to your website or store.


Dynamic Sign Media Systems increase traffic and produce dramatic sales increases!
- LED sign consulting and specification
- Content design and management
- Digital message delivery
- Maintenance and service